Our philosophy

In an era where modern oenological practices often triumph, (for better or for worse, you decice), we often forget that above all a fine wine is made in the vines: working the soil, understanding yields, de-budding, hand-harvesting, and respecting the local biodiversity.

Long a pioneer in Organic viticulture, the Vignoble de l’Ecu has been Certified Organic since 1975 and Biodynamic since 1998 (Demeter) on all 30 hectares in production. We are also Certified BioDyvin since 2014.

We have renounced all artificial winemaking techniques in our winery as a form of severance from the movement to standardize wines and as a way to preserve the link between our wines, their terroir, and the unique characteristics of each new vintage.

Selected yeasts, enzymes, thermo-vinification, flash pasteruization, reverse osmosis, and other processes intended to render wines more uniform and without soul have no place in our winery.

It may be obvious, but we’ll remind you nevertheless : here we make real wines without fuss, makeup, or anything else!

As such, we’re proud to be members of « Biodyvin » both which promotes respect for terroir and the incessant search for pure wine without fuss or makeup.

Our wines are present on the wine lists of the world’s most respected restaurants throughout the globe. You will find them in many terrific restaurants and bistros run by chefs who seek wines and produce that represent terroir and quality.

No need to look for our wines in large discount stores or supermarkets – we refuse to use these distribution channels that promote mass-produced wines in opposition with our philosophy. We work instead with passionate winesellers capable of helping you find the perfect bottle for any and every occasion.